About Us

  • Amad Polymer:

Amad Polymer is focused on the production of different caps for PET bottles used in packaging CSDs and non-carbonated drinks, Juices, Water Yoghurt, edible oils and also different solid and liquid pharmaceutical and hygienic products.
Another field of activity is the production of different bottles and containers from PP and PET to be used for pharmaceutical and Hygienic purposes. These products are produced in a sterilized environment and are used by the manufacturers of the related fields.

  • Quality:

Amad Polymer uses different methods and solutions simultaneously to achieve a Quality – Price balance.
Some of these solutions are:

  • Top quality raw material
  • Full automatic and constant production
  • Taking advantage of modern machinery and the latest technology
  • Strict compliance with standards related to Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food and Hygienic industries.
  • Individual or group training for staff
  • Emphasis on R&D and various laboratory tests

  • International Presence:

In addition to local market Amad Polymer is present in the markets of most of the neighboring countries

  • Strategies and Goals:

We believe in mutual benefit for both Amad Polymer and our customers and choose our policies accordingly.
These policies can be described as consistency of high quality, understanding the customer’s needs and being responsive in the shortest possible time and respecting the customers’ rights through stabilized pricing.
Last but not least we consider environmental protection as our top priority and try our best to protect the planet by the use of environmental friendly materials and also minimum possible energy in our production process.